Monday, August 24, 2009

Larkspur Based Company Delivering Coffee to Military Personnel Overseas

Green Beans Coffee, headquartered in Larkspur, has enacted a charity program in which donors can buy a cup of coffee for military personnel overseas. The program, called “Cup of Joe for a Joe”, enables people to go online at and make a donation to cover the cost of a cup of coffee, chai tea, smoothie, or whatever the recipient wants that is sold by Green Beans Coffee stores. The donor can also leave a note, allowing the service personnel to respond on a secure email server.

The campaign is the brain-child of Novato resident Clay Lingo when he worked for Kodak several years ago. He was having a conversation with the company’s accountant about the company’s charitable efforts when he came up with the idea. The accountant introduced Lingo to the Green Beans brass, and now he works for them full-time.

There are sixty-five Green Beans locations spread around East Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Middle East , some within the borders of US military installations. Military personnel must register with Green Beans to be eligible. There currently is no Green Beans location in Marin, but company officials say that there is a possibility that one will open up in the near future. There is a Green Beans at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield.

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